He has left us here alone,

Brothers lost to the past;

Making us long for,

even a glimpse of what didn’t last.

Pressing onward through the wilderness,

we seek comfort in those around us.

Those that can help us find our destination,

others that can keep our focus above.

The Father whispers to the Son:

“As long as I’m here, I have your back.

Not because it’s my job, but because I love you.”

And the Son presses on, knowing he cannot fail.

Above was written by Kerwin Smith, edited by Kyle Smith



Pray as hard as you can,
Give until you can’t,
Find hope in its simplicity,
It’s all part of the plan.

Let the rain shower over you,
but never let it get you wet,
Let the fire light your path,
but never let it singe your clothes.

Pray as hard as you can,
Give until you can’t,
Find peace in its simplicity,
It’s all part of the plan

Trust him completely,
For alone we are nothing,
Ask him for guidance,
For He will always provide.

Pray as hard as you can,
Give until you can’t,
Find joy in its simplicity,
For it’s all part of His plan.


I suppose we asked for this torture,

when we first took breath in this world,

agreeing unknowingly to live instead of the serene alternative.

Had we known the struggle that lay ahead,

could we have made the same grave oversight?

By our covenant we relinquish ourselves to our masters,

unrelenting until the zenith of time.

Enslaved by reason, by feelings, by rules, and by God,

the only chance of deliverance,

our strife and will to overcome.

Though our charge may seem impossible,

we muster relief in the fact that the road we travel,

finds a culmination in peace.


January 2, 1986, a baby born, its cries echo through the halls, declaring his arrival.

Blameless, Flawless, the child, as all are, was meant for great things.

His father and mother hold the child tight, thinking of their legacy being passed through him.

This boy was to be a doctor, an engineer, a minister, a famous baseball player;

He would be a playwright, his words would be heard around the world,

he would be the one to unite the world, the one to save us all.

The parents return home from the hospital, the child of promise asleep in their arms.

The years pass, and the boy grows.

March 4, 1989, a baby is born, its cries echo through the halls, declaring his arrival.

Blameless as was his elder brother, this son did not carry the same burden,

it was not his birthright to claim, but the parents loved them both the same.

The parents held him tightly as the older brother looked on at the new face in the family.

The next couple of years went as they should,

the brothers grew and the family grew closer together.

Little did the young family know the hardships they would endure.

To be continued…


He felt warmth all around him,

even though the sun had yet to rise.

He awoke to her embrace and he dare not leave.

Where else would he rather be,

than with her, part of him, forever.

So he lay there, holding her close,

until she would awaken and the sun would truly rise to meet him.

Looking Back

Looking back now, he cannot understand.

Why God has been so generous that day,

the day that he made you,

the day that me made you for me.

The day that he led us to one another,

the day they exchanged glances for the first time,

unknowing that they would never leave each other again.